How To Build An Affordable Barn Home – Cost Saving Tips

How To Build An Affordable Barn Home - Cost Saving Tips

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Marvellous barn homes made from beautiful designs, high-quality barn frames and excellent craftsmanship are a wonderful choice. They have a lovely atmosphere that’s hard to replicate, and they can truly make you feel welcome.

Many New Zealanders think of one day having their perfect home built. However, we all know that building a new home isn’t cheap and will be quite a financial investment when you finally do. 

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to lower the price while still having great results. You can do plenty of smart, straightforward things to reduce the cost of your beautiful home without sacrificing top-tier quality. 

What You Can Do To Save Money While Building A Quality Home

What exactly can you do to save money while building your dream house? Don’t worry; you don’t have to drastically change your house plans or opt for a completely different type of home barn frames than the ones you want. Instead, you can:

Choose a simple home shape. Using a barn frame for the architectural feature of your home provides a very simple shaped rectangular structure which is simple to build. Having hips and valleys and multiple roof levels adds a lot of detail and each details adds cost in materials but especially in labour. Our recommendation is to put the labour into the manufacture of the barn frame instead.

Choose A Smaller House Plan. In many of our heads, we picture our perfect homes being large, but most people don’t need that much space. Knowing how to use a smaller space can help you save money, space and make your home more compact and cosy.

Even downsizing a little can save you money. Think about how you’ll use a smaller space when selecting your home plans and imagine how you can properly utilise that space. Clever interior design will help you bring out the true potential of any home, no matter how big it is.

Open plan living spaces can make your home feel much larger. The high ceilings of a barn frame and having your space open up onto verandas is a great, cost effective way to extend your space. 

With innovative design, you can make the most of the second floor, or loft of your barn home by using the cozy space for compact bedrooms where you can relax and sleep at night.

Consider a kit-set barn process. A kit-set barn process may save you money.  A kit-set process is where you receive several predetermined building materials, such as barn frames, for your new home. 

This can save you money and time because you won’t need to choose these things yourself. People who don’t have the right experience and training might not know how to choose the right quality materials or frames while making cost-effective choices. With a kit-set barn process, you won’t have to worry about the things included in the service, so you can focus on other important things in the home-building process.

The standard frames also give you the best value because they provide optimal size for the timber used, and they’ve been pre-engineered to have lower overall costs.

Reduce The Number Of People You Need To Hire For Various Tasks. You shouldn’t handle every task yourself, especially if you’re not an experienced contractor, but that doesn’t mean you should hire someone for every job you need completed. You can save money by reducing the number of hired help you hire.

Working with an experienced contractor is a very smart choice in this situation because they’ll be able to help with many different types of tasks, whether that’s setting up your barn frames or choosing the best spot to build. Naturally, if there’s anything that you don’t have the right equipment or knowledge to handle, you should always leave those tasks to someone who can do them safely and correctly. 

Consider Using Metalcraft Insulated Panels For The Roof And Walls. Barn frames provide the perfect structural skeleton to attach insulated panels, and Metalcraft panels are very cost effective and easy to install. This can save you up to $500 per square metre, and save months of on-site building time.

Consider Your Cladding Choices. Coloursteel is a very cost effective cladding type and is well worth consideration. Timber cladding can be beautiful, but the detailing around windows and doors can be time consuming. If you like timber cladding, look at limiting it to areas like the gable ends of the building and look at using timber like macrocarpa, lusitanica and even douglas fir rather than cedar, which is much more expensive. Also, use a salt solution to grey off the timber before fixing it in place, rather than having to stain or oil it regularly.

Shop Around For Fixtures. When it comes to things like light switches and furniture, you should always look at all of your options before you select yours. This will give you a great idea of your cheapest and most expensive options so you know what you can get to save money. Plus, looking at all of your choices before making your decision will allow you to see more things that you might love.

Create Budgets And Monitor Your Spending. Always keep an eye on your spending when you build your home. Otherwise, you might spend way too much money on something like barn frames and not have enough for other important materials. Various budgets, like a budget for materials, will help you keep everything in line. 

Work With Builders Who Have Plenty Of Experience. Perhaps one of the very best things you can do to make money-saving decisions while having a beautiful, quality home built is to work with people with the right knowledge and experience. 

Always work with builders who have done this before and can give you fantastic service. Even if you run into issues, they’ll have the experience to resolve the problem satisfyingly. 

Additionally, be sure to choose people who know about the specific type of home you’d like. For example, if you want to build a gorgeous rustic barn home, choose people who specialise in barn homes. This way, they’ll know the best ways to utilise excellent barn frames cost-effectively. 

Work With Heritage Timbercraft To Have Your Gorgeous Dream Barn Home Built

At Heritage Timbercraft, we’re passionate about what we do. Our hardworking team loves to help people like you plan out your perfect barn home, choose the best spot for it and build it from the ground up.  With us, you’re not just working with builders who want to get the work done; you’re working with friends who want to build the barn home of your dreams.

Call us at 0273799213 to get in touch. We’d be thrilled to answer any thoughts or questions you have about building an affordable barn home. 

Heritage Timbercraft barn homes have that wonderful welcoming atmosphere that makes a house feel like a home.

Timber Selection For Post And Beam Construction

Timber Selection For Post And Beam Construction

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Post and beam construction is a certain method of construction that has been used to build countless beautiful homes and buildings worldwide. When you take naturally strong timber and use it to make a home using a smart frame design, you end up with a gorgeous home that anyone would love to live in.

When building any kind of structure, household or not, making the right choices throughout the entire building process is paramount. It’s not enough to just have a good design; you also need diligent workers, an effective plan and – of course! – excellent timber. After all, robust natural timber has a big role in making your home strong and beautiful.

Not all wood is the same, and some types are better for your eventual New Zealand home. So, how do you know what to choose?

What Is Post And Beam Construction?

First, you should understand what exactly this type of construction is. This is a construction method that utilises vertical posts and horizontal beams, hence its name, to create a framework for your structure. Once this strong framework is completed, walls or Insulated panels can be ‘placed’ on the frame and secured.

This construction method is often used to create magnificent homes with large, open spaces in the interior.

This construction style can have plenty of benefits when you use high-quality timber in your structure. Timber post and beam construction has the following advantages:

  • Timber Is A Natural Material. Timber is a natural material that is a very safe option. Timber is non-toxic, doesn’t leak chemicals and is safe to touch. Plus, it has a natural beauty that’s hard to replicate.
  • Timber Is Sustainable. Wood is a sustainable material that comes from the earth. It’s a renewable resource, so you can feel good in your new home.
  • Timber Is A Natural Insulator. Wood has natural insulating properties, meaning you can cut monthly heating and cooling costs while staying comfortable. This is particularly relevant when without a timber portal system steel portals would be used which have poor insulation properties and often have to penetrate the building envelope causing thermal bridging, transferring the cold from outside to the interior of your home.
  • Timber Is Easy To Work With. Timber has been used for thousands of years to build all types of wondrous structures. If your builders are talented and you have a good plan, your high-quality home can be built in a relatively quick amount of time when you use the post and beam construction method. 

What You Can Do To Get The Best Timber For Your Home’s Construction

As mentioned above, there are plenty of different types of wood and timber, and certain types may be better for your situation. Using the wrong type of wood can result in poor results, so making the right choice is crucial!

A few things that you should consider as you select for timber are:

Timber Availability. As a general rule of thumb, the more available the timber the more cost effective. Timber grown locally can also save on freight costs. Saying that we tend to find that timber grown in the South Island or cooler areas is better quality and generally worth the extra cost of freight.

The Cost Of Your Materials. It’s always smart to pay attention to your expenses and available funds when working on a building project. Be sure to select timber you can afford for your project while keeping other costs in mind. If you have a set budget, you can discuss your best options with your timber seller, and they can help you select the best possible choice for your situation. Australian Hardwoods are beautiful but can be more that 3 times the cost of locally milled timber

Your Timber’s Strength. Wood has different types of durability, flexibility and strength depending on the kind of tree it came from. It’s vital that you select the appropriate timber for the different parts of your post and beam construction project. So, clever builders will often use different types of wood for different parts of the home’s plan.

For example, oak is very hard and strong, but it has a tendency to twist and crack. So, it’s often used to create pegs and smaller parts. Douglas fir and Macrocarpa, on the other hand, are stable and often used for posts and beams. Heart Macrocarpa is durable and is most suited for exterior timbers.

The Look You are Going For. Each species has a different grain and colour so this is often a deciding point for clients. Saying that we have a wide range of oils and stains that can be added after manufacture to get the look you are after.

The Professionals You Will Work With. One sure way to get reliable timber is to work with reliable professional timber suppliers, builders and craftspeople. These experts can help you with your build every step along the way.

You can even make your building process more straightforward by opting for a kit-set process.

Have Your Beautiful New Dream Home Built In New Zealand

If you want your marvellous new home to be beautiful, strong and long-lasting, one smart thing you can do is to work with our team at Heritage Timbercraft. We help New Zealanders build homes that are welcoming and visually stunning with the strong and dependable timber we provide.

If you have any questions or are ready to start the process, we invite you to contact our team through our site or by calling 027 3799213.

Speak with us at Heritage Timbercraft to utilise the best timber and innovative post and beam construction to build your lovely new home.