Roof Trusses

We have developed a range of structural roof trusses that add unparalleled strength and beauty to any design. We realise that people do not always want a full timber frame but often desire solid timber features in their home to create atmosphere and set it apart. Our engineered trusses create an attractive open plan space with vaulted ceilings, whilst adding the texture and warmth of solid timber. Incorporating our structural roof trusses can transform your home or outdoor living space.

Roof Trusses

Standard Truss Designs

Our standard trusses are 4.8m, 6m, 8m and 10m wide and can accommodate most roof pitches. Our truss prices includes engineering, manufacture, finishing and transport to site. Our trusses are offered in Macrocarpa or Douglas fir with a textured finish and oil from The Natural House Company.

Standard Truss Sizes

We also make bespoke trusses to meet the span, roof pitch and roof load requirements of your home.

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At Heritage Timbercraft, our standard feature roof trusses, inspired by timeless designs, provide durability and versatility, making them perfect for internal and external applications in homes with pitched roofs. We meticulously choose premium-quality timber, sourced and milled by our team at Mohaka River Timber or similar small scale family owned mills around the country. This careful selection process guarantees that each beam is not just a fundamental structural element, but also a reflection of superior craftsmanship and artistry, embodying our commitment to quality and sustainability.

We are passionate about handcrafted quality, nurtured over decades of experience in traditional post and beam joinery, which is evident in every roof truss we create. We produce our joinery in adherence to the NZ Building Code and ensure each truss is structurally sound, with PS1 certification to aid your building consent application.