Building Partners

At Heritage Timbercraft our focus is on designing, engineering, manufacturing and delivering a premium product to clients around New Zealand. We recognise that along with enquiries directly from customers, the promotion of our products through builders of quality homes greatly increases our reach into the market. We see that the people skills, expertise and relationships of local builders, designers and architects are key and so we are partnering with such companies around the country. We believe that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship; in return for partners promoting and incorporating our products and services, we will provide the support needed to add our product range into your portfolio, providing you with a versatile and attractive point of difference.

We’ve been New Zealand’s leading timber frame company for almost 20 years and have accumulated unparalleled skills, knowledge and industry relationships through that time which we can now offer to you. As a Heritage Timbercraft partner you will have access to our assistance with design, engineering and any questions relating to the addition of our products into your projects. 

We will provide you with high quality promotional material including photographs and 3D images. Our state-of-the-art 3D modelling is also available as a service to designers and architects which helps offer affordable life-like images and fly-throughs for clients. For building partners that need design or building consent support we can direct you to local design partners or we can offer design and building consent services. 

We will also offer the opportunity to add a page to your website that will help promote our products and we will also have your business logo and contact details on our website and will direct clients that contact us to your local services.

We’ll also offer you a chance to come to our workshop to see our operation, learn more about our product range and abilities and perhaps help us to cut a frame. 

We Offer:
Barn Frame Design
3D Design with life-like renders, 360 degree tours and walk-throughs
Building Consent Documentation
Engineering of the frame, house, slab and other aspects such as retaining walls
Raising the frame on site
Support through the building process
Your logo on our website with link to your web page
What We Require From You:
A stable business with good local reputation
Willingness to combine efforts with us and establish a new joint opportunity
One page to be added to your website to promote our Modular Frame range
The opportunity to photograph the final home once completed for use in further promotion.
Get In Touch With Us On 027 3799213 For More Information.