Antique Barn Homes

Would you like to live in a piece of History? We have access to authentic, antique timber barn frames through our relationships with Heritage Restorations, Ohio Valley Barn Salvage and several other reputable barn restoration companies in North America. These barns are typically more than 150 years old and were often hand hewn with broad axe and adz by early pioneers and settlers.

We work with our suppliers to source the best frames for New Zealand conditions, taking into account the size, design and timber species to ensure that it will meet not only aesthetic needs but also the rigorous MPI importation and Building Code requirements. Our goal is for your Antique Barn Home to last many generations in it’s rejuvenated state!

Barns are generally made from either North American Eastern Hemlock which ages to a warm brown patina, or from hardwoods such as Oak and Beech which are slightly lighter in colour. Our suppliers only work with well preserved frames, but all antique frames need at least some expert restoration – usually on the post bottoms and upper roof members. As part of our service we design additions and modifications to the antique frames prior to restoration to ensure their suitability for the desired floor plan and also their integrity to meet NZ engineering requirements. We arrange the importation and then raise it on your site anywhere in New Zealand with suitable access.

A traditional pioneer barn with all its history, character and warmth creates a space hard to beat. The barns can be included in a modern design or more traditional design. In New Zealand, most of our clients have chosen smaller barns from 100 to 180 m2 and have incorporated them as the main open plan living space with some area of mezzanine.

Heritage Timbercraft was involved in raising the first antique barn in New Zealand which featured on the first season of Grand Designs. Many of the antique barns available predate the Treaty of Waitangi and will become some of the oldest buildings in New Zealand.

Our team is here to help, we have been doing timber-framing using the same traditional methods for almost 20 years now and have raised barns of all styles and sizes around the country. If there’s something we don’t know then you can be sure that our North American counterparts will have the answer. Our design team is also able to develop your concept design and complete your building consent application if desired. See some of our videos below for more information on antique barns.

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Dutch Barn Part 1
Dutch Barn Part 2
New World Dutch Barn
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