Modern Design Ideas For Your Dream Barn Home

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You’ll have plenty of decisions to make when building your gorgeous new barn home in New Zealand. Choosing from different barn frames, setting an appropriate budget and choosing your team of builders are all crucial parts of any successful barn home project. Today, we’ll focus on one option that’ll significantly impact the appearance, longevity and comfort of your home – your choice of cladding. 

Cladding is attached to the exterior of a building’s walls, acting as a protective layer of defence that can keep the interior safe from the elements as well as add to the home’s insulation. As you can imagine, it also greatly contributes to the home’s appearance. All in all, your choice of cladding is extremely important for both aesthetic and practical reasons. 

So, let’s go over various cladding options you could choose for your barn home, as well as what qualities you should keep in mind when making your choice.

Different Cladding Options To Consider For Your NZ Barn Home

Like barn frames, you can choose from plenty of different looks and types of cladding. For barn homes, timber is a great, popular choice because of its raw beauty and its natural insulation properties. Because it’s such a versatile material, timber can be used in many ways:

Weatherboards. This option is also known as clapboard or bevel siding, and is a common choice for barn homes with that classic rustic charm. These consist of horizontal boards that are installed with a slight overlap. Timber weatherboards come in a variety of profiles, so you can pick one that suits your specific tastes and visual goals. 

Vertical Shiplap. This choice offers a contemporary twist for more traditional barn frames and barn aesthetics. These boards are installed similarly to weatherboards with an overlapping profile, but they’re instead placed vertically. This option is rather versatile and can be suitable for both modern and rustic-inspired barn home designs, depending on the look you’re striving for. 

Board And Batten. This cladding consists of wide vertical boards with narrow wooden strips, which are also known as battens, to cover the joints in between each board. This unique style adds plenty of character to a home’s appearance, evoking a sense of prime craftsmanship and care. 

Blending Materials. Remember that you don’t have to stick to one type of cladding for your entire barn home. You can make your home more visually interesting by mixing materials, such as timber in one area and brick or stone in others.

Coloursteel Cladding. If you’re more interested in modern aesthetics, rather than classic rustic visuals, then Coloursteel cladding may be right for you. This beautiful, low-maintenance metal cladding is a very durable and versatile choice available in a range of colours.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Cladding

When discussing your cladding options with your home builders, be sure you think about these factors:

Durability. Go for high-quality timber that’s durable, hardy and resistant to decay. You’ll want cladding that’s prepared to handle New Zealand’s climate conditions and varied weather. Durable materials are also more likely to last longer, as they’ll be able to handle everyday wear and tear better. 

Sustainability. Timber is already a great choice for eco-conscious individuals because it’s a renewable resource. Still, you may also want to check if your timber is from sustainably managed forests or other reputable sources. 

Maintenance Requirements. Before you choose any kind of cladding, always take care to understand its maintenance requirements. Some types may require regular staining or other kinds of upkeep, whereas others may have a more hands-off approach. 

Budget. Naturally, you’ll want to stay within the budget of your entire barn home project. This should be something that’s always in your mind, whether you’re choosing barn frames or picking out materials. Remember that while some timber species may have a higher upfront cost, they could offer long-term savings in longevity and maintenance.

Installation. Regardless of the cladding you choose, make sure your home builders are experienced and know how to install it correctly for maximum functionality and visual appeal. 

Aesthetic Style. After you’ve sorted out practical matters, be sure you also think about looks. Choose cladding that complements the architectural style of your planned barn home.

Creating Your Perfect Barn Home Retreat In Aotearoa

From choosing your cladding to picking out the best barn frames for your needs, we at Heritage Timbercraft are here to be your reliable partners for your barn home project. We’re thrilled to have created many stunning homes in the past, and we look forward to building many more.

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Together, we can make your barn home dreams come true.