Montana Barn

The Montana Barn’s distinctive look comes from the collar tie trusses which are located at 1.2m centers along the eave beams. The most popular size in this design is the three bay, six meter wide barn. This gives an 82m2 ground floor area and a 55m2 upstairs, a total of 137m2. The Montana frame in a 4.8m wide by 6m long module is ideal for a “not so big” home or as a beautiful central space which can be linked to single story bedroom wings constructed with traditional building methods.

Center posts support the 250×200 tie beams (running across the building) where mezzanine lofts are included. As with our other barns, 30 or 35 degrees is our standard roof pitch with 10 degrees for the lean-tos. Curved braces give support and beauty to the barn.

For areas where secondary dwellings need to be 70 m2 or less, the bay width can be reduced to 3.9m modules. This is ideal for a secondary dwelling or garage with sleeping accommodation above. For garage spaces we typically add horizontal girts which allow the cladding to be direct fixed to the frame while wall framing and insulation can be added upstairs.

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